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2011 Sahara Unlimited
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Finding lots of good info here, so figured I would register. I picked up this repairable with a clean title back in December. I almost have it back to being a good Jeep. Next I will be regearing and a locker hopefully. The work added up fast, but I plan to keep it around for a bit. I'm still ahead of anything on market place.

I'm still hoping to find a stock painted Sahara fender to match.

235k miles
I've done all new brakes and rotors (Powerstop)
Timing set
oil pan gaskets
lower control arm mounts
lower control arms
light wiring (it was a fire hazard)
Winch that isn't decorative
rear sway bar links
all 4 wheel bearings
tie rod
drag link
adjustable track bar
poison spider rear diff cover
2.5" springs (front)
water pump
CPU rebuild
Clock Spring
Steering Shaft
tailgate hinges
rebuilt swingout bearings
wheel speed sensors
heater core
tone rings
bearing retainers
parking brake assemblies
replaced missing bull bar
replaced missing rear bumper/tire carrier

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2011 Sahara Unlimited
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Why don't you just get the fender you have on now color matched?

I still have my four stock fenders in my garage but they're metallic green.
The black JK fenders are textured, the body color ones aren't, they're smooth. I have a full set of black ones here, so it would break up the set too. I don't like the plain black.

Originally I thought it would be easy finding stock take offs cheap, but everyone asks as much as a full set of aftermarket fenders 🤣 I'm not paying that.

I have enough built Jeeps, with this one I'm just trying to have a nice DD/mild trail rig.
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