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Hey Everyone,

Just thought Id say hi and introduce my new to me Jeep. This is my first Jeep and I am excited to get going on it. I come from being in the mustang community as my wife and I have his and hers New Edge Mustangs so modding and car culture isnt new, but the Jeep community is massive and living in Northern Ontario, Canada it will be nice to be out with enthusiasts no matter the weather or what I choose to drive that day.

Anyways on to the Jeep. I picked up a 2007 JKU locally for a great price. Tub and Frame were both solid. It came with a 2-3" lift that looks to be Sky Jacker. Previous owner bought it this way, didnt really know much about it. I ran the VIN and its got AC, and the factory 4.10s with a limited slip in the back. and thats about it. It needed some wear and tear parts to pass a safety and while the shop has it, I am getting them to flush the coolant, replace all filters, including transmission and the fluids in the diffs, transfer case etc. to give me a base point for maintenance. It came with factory 5 spoke wheels and tires that would barely meet saftey spec, and 35x12.5x17 muds that were basically slicks on what looks to be pro comp or craiger soft 8 17x9 steel wheels. I have ordered and dropped off halo LED headlights, and locally I found some factory take off running boards (something to make getting in and out easier for now), grabarusa.com grab handles, jeep brand all weather floor mats front to back and a Pipes Street Pro high clearance exhaust. To solve my tire problem I ordered BFG KO2 285/75R17s (34"ish) as they were available locally new for a good price. I do need to find a 5th wheel or 5 of another style that I like. Also waiting to install when I get the Jeep back from the shop is heavy duty Tailgate Hinges, Halo Fog lights, MPC remote start and a 730n RER Stereo. I kind of jumped in with both feet but that should be enough to get me going and drive it around for a while to determine what I want to do next.

Here is a pic from the ad when I bought it, Ill post or create a build thread once I have it back in my possession.
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Welcome to JKO! Looks like you have a great build thread ahead.
Since you're new, I just wanted to fill you in on a couple things...

This forum loves photos! If you are working on a build thread or asking for help, everyone loves photos :)
You can update your account settings to automatically watch threads you create and interact with to ensure you don't miss any replies to your threads.

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