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I recently added new seats and bases to my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4 door and I love them but it was not without problems. I was able to disconnect underseat wiring with the engine off and when finished reconnect the original wires with no problem lights on the dash. Those wires must be removed from a plastic retainer just above the seat springs. Everything seems to be working properly. The seats are:
Corbeau Sport Reclining Seats; Black Cloth; Pair
and they require Corbeau Double Locking Seat Bracket; Driver Side and
Corbeau Double Locking Seat Bracket; Passenger Side. These seats are great, I love them but the specific bases are not so specific. Three holes lined up easily but the fourth required a long pry bar and a lot of muscle to line up. The first took forever to mount but the second went in a little smoother. After bolting down the seats, I reconnected the underseat wiring connecters and it worked great, no unwanted indicators on the dash. I taped the underseat wiring into a bundle to keep everything neat. By the way, I cut the passenger seat to remove the wiring and plastic pad that shows passenger seat is occupied in order to keep that wiring circuit complete. I have photos in the customer builds.

P.S. Be careful removing the seat passive restraint, it's explosive.
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