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So, back in the day, as part of our original Metalcloak Body Armor System for the TJ/LJ we had an innovative Rocker System we called the Flip Step.

Here is an image for those of you who may not be familiar.

We discontinued the product in late 2009 in favor of our Rocker Rail system which was significantly easier for the customers to install.

Well... now it's back. Not for the TJ, but for the JK.

A much simpler version, it is easy to install and looks good with or without the additional Flip Step.

The system has two parts... the base, or what we call the Overland Rocker...

And the Flip Step...

Two positions, the Flip Step can be a low step that hangs down, or a straight out like a truck rocker.

We classify these as Overland, because, while they will protect your Jeep's body, they are not meant to be the strength enduring Rocker Rails that are part of our Rock-Biting Body Armor line.

And they can be used with our Rocker ExoSkins for that complete look.

We look forward, as always, to your Feedback.
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