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If you're a lucky owner of the new Jeep Wrangler JL/JK and already looking to start modifying it, you should definitely check our custom grilles made by RBP. They are designed to replace the Jeep's original grille design with a brutal black mesh custom grille. There are 3 options to choose from: RX-3 LED Series, RX-1 Series, and RX-5 “HALO” Series grilles, all with burly black powder coat finish.

RX-3 LED Series Midnight Edition Black Stainless Steel Dual Weave Mesh Main Grille with 2 x 11.5" Single Row LED Light Bars


- Includes main grille and 2 x 11.5" Single Row LED light bars
- Will help illuminate what lies in front of you
- Double woven mesh and RBP iconic studded edging
- Two high-intensity 11.5-inch CREE LED light bars
- Elaborately designed to replace the OE grille
- Cutting is required.

RX-1 Series Gloss Black Stainless Steel Dual Weave Mesh Main Grille


- Built from top-grade 304 stainless steel
- Double woven mesh and smooth edging
- The installation requires cutting and uses the OE grille surround
- Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

RX-5 "HALO" Series Black Stainless Steel Dual Weave Mesh Main Grille with Massive Center RBP 3D Star


- Designed to help you rise above a bunch of ordinary front ends
- Built with expertise and proven to perform in the harshest environments
- Skilfully built from the highest quality of 304 stainless steel
- Heavy-duty stainless steel construction and double woven mesh
- Sports iconic studded edging and massive center RBP 3D star.

Which one of these grilles would you choose for your new JL/JK?​
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