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Hey all!

I'm diving head first into the offroading/rock crawling scene here in Utah. Picked up my first rig in January, and have just been fixing up issues getting it ready to roll.

I'm currently looking for the stock Magnuson TVS1320 tune for this thing. It has a custom tune from the previous owner that shuts off a bunch of emissions monitors so I cannot get it ready for emissions :( If anyone know where to get the Magnuson tune for this let me know. Magnuson gave me the middle finger because I didn't buy it from them, so i'll never buy from them in the future based on my interactions with them.

Thanks for looking!

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View attachment 366566

  • Currie 70 front and rear axles
  • RCV Axle Joints
  • King 2.5 front and rear coilovers
  • Magnuson Supercharger

Looking forward to making lots of memories fixing all the crap that has or will break on this thing :)
That sucks. Copy Pasta into modified as a question. Alasha might know.
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