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Hey all!

I'm diving head first into the offroading/rock crawling scene here in Utah. Picked up my first rig in January, and have just been fixing up issues getting it ready to roll.

I'm currently looking for the stock Magnuson TVS1320 tune for this thing. It has a custom tune from the previous owner that shuts off a bunch of emissions monitors so I cannot get it ready for emissions :( If anyone know where to get the Magnuson tune for this let me know. Magnuson gave me the middle finger because I didn't buy it from them, so i'll never buy from them in the future based on my interactions with them.

Thanks for looking!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Grille

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

  • Currie 70 front and rear axles
  • RCV Axle Joints
  • King 2.5 front and rear coilovers
  • Magnuson Supercharger

Looking forward to making lots of memories fixing all the crap that has or will break on this thing :)

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Mine runs a lot better now that I've removed the (Edelbrock) TVS1320. You're only going to get the stock tune from whoever supplied the supercharger. And if you're in a state that requires it like California, then youll need the EO number and probably the sticker too. Anyway, They'll need to start with your original stock NA tune and then modify that and send it back to you. Pretty sure all of the supercharger suppliers work that way. You cant just download a tune from someone - they are tied to the PCM.

I'm surprised that Magnusson won't supply you the tune and a sticker for a nominal fee. You would still need athe stock NA tune from your PCM.

What monitors are still active? It might not be the tune.

I've been working with Diabltoona for my tunes since I was NA before the supercharger. I used his tunes when I was supercharged and then had a new one cut after I went back to NA. I am currently running a 91 octane NA tune and its fine. You'll need a Diablosport tuner to work with him. I don't think he uses HPTuners or SCT.

Will at Overkill Motorsports is another option. I think he uses Diablosport and HPTuners.

You failed to mention what year your rig is.
Thanks for the info. Much of what you said is foreign to me. If my reply sounds like I don't know what i'm talking about, thats probably accurate :)

What is the "Edelbrock"? You removed your entire supercharger? Or is Edelbrock something else?

Here are the monitors that my scan tool tells me about which aren't "ready":
Fuel System
Evap System
Oxygen Sensor
EGR System

Unfortunately I got some work done on it recently which required the battery to be disconnected. After driving a few hundred miles I was able to get 2 of the 5 listed above ready. I know one of them was the oxygen sensor, but I can't for the life of me remember the other one that readied. I went a total of 450-500 miles trying to get the rest of the monitors ready, and nothing.

I have a Diablo T1000 that came with the Jeep from the seller. I'm pretty sure this is what held the initial tune from magnuson, but i'm not sure. I do know that he got an offroad tune done, and I'm currently seeing a custom file on the tuner, but I have no clue how to use this thing. I'm scared to hit the wrong button and bork my pcm, or lose this offroad tune that I may want later, etc.

Anyways, i'm ok with a standard tune that will run with my supercharger, and still let me pass emissions. I'm not really interested in squeezing every last HP out of the engine, I just want it to run decent. Do you think a custom tuner will be able to create something from scratch for me? Is that my only option at this point?

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Thanks for all the info.

I know exactly what you are talking about with the intercooler. I did in fact pull the whole blower off and sent it into superchargeronline to get it rebuilt. it was filthy dirty, and had a bad coupler that needed to be replaced. I was thinking i'd put a catch can on at some point.

Mine is a 2014. I am in Utah, but I bought it out of California. His registration had lapsed last year, i'm not sure how he had it registered. He is either playing dumb with me about the readiness monitors, or there really isn't a problem.

My state doesn't do the tailpipe thing anymore, they haven't for a very long time. They just plug in as you described and look for the monitors to give them data. If the monitors aren't "ready", they fail the test. This requires them to complete certain drive cycles etc to ensure nobody is trying to cheat the system.

I have not cleared any OBD-II codes, nor have any appeared the entire time I've owned it. I have had the battery disconnected a few times, which I know resets stuff and caused me to need to complete drive cycles again. The problem is i've gone probably 500 miles in between having it unplugged trying to get them to ready. I've followed drive cycles that I've found online, I've done lots of freeway speed, slow speed, coasting, accelerating, etc etc. I've started with full tanks, i've started with 80% full tanks because i've seen that suggested as well. I simply don't understand how something would require more than 500 miles of driving to complete drive cycles. I saw 1 monitor ready pretty quickly, a second monitor took about 100 miles, and the other 3 just never readied. My scan tool tells me that those ARE available tests, that just aren't ready. I had a tuner over the phone tell me that he thinks the monitors got bypassed on the tune, and an engine shop that specializes in offroad stuff tell me the same thing. I have a 3rd source from another offroad shop tell me it could be the tune as well.

I will try to reach out to those 2 places you suggested. I'm curious how something gets tuned NOT on a dyno though? do they just take a stab at it based on experience, and I load it and try it out for a bit?

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