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New JK and Two Questions...

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Hello, I just got the new '08 JK last week... a big difference from the '99 TJ I just sold.

I have two questions about the JK:

- I just noticed the new JK sits about an inch lower on the passender's side (yes, I measured it). The suspention is still stock. Has anyone experienced this?

- After just 150 miles the wheels are filthy. Are there any low dust brake pads avalible for the JK?

Thanks for any comments.

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I have an '07 and it does the same. I thinks it's the fuel tank. The lean gets more noticable when I fill it up.
Really don't know. I'm like cousineddy. Have a 3" fooltraction lift and still leans. Not much, but more noticeable when the tank is full. This winter I'm pulling all the springs to check there hieght. But for now, other than adding a little character and being a conversation starter..."Hey did you know your Jeeps is leaning?" I haven't noticed any problems.
You might wawnt to reclaculate the 6.2 X 18 thing. The correct answer is 111.6 lbs. Not enough to make any part of a jeep sag.]

Maybe It's my perception, but it seems to be more pronounced with a full tank of full. For S&G's I'll wait till my tanks, empty, measure the jeep, fill the tank, and re-measure. I'll post my results
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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