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New JK and Two Questions...

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Hello, I just got the new '08 JK last week... a big difference from the '99 TJ I just sold.

I have two questions about the JK:

- I just noticed the new JK sits about an inch lower on the passender's side (yes, I measured it). The suspention is still stock. Has anyone experienced this?

- After just 150 miles the wheels are filthy. Are there any low dust brake pads avalible for the JK?

Thanks for any comments.

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The JK is new with only 265 miles on the clock... it hasn't been off road yet. In the picture above, it was on a level driveway and the wheels where straight. Nothing looks bent, broke or leaking. With the fuel tank on the right side as I'm being told by some others (lifted and not lifted alike) that it is due to the fuel tank being entirely on the right side of the vehicle. On average, on a 72* day, one gallon of gas weighs 6.2 pounds. So 6.2 pounds x 18 gallons = 1,116 pounds on the right side. That's a big difference if you ask me with nothing on the other side to balance things out.

As for the brakes, my Chrysler Crossfire had very dirty OEM brakes. I put on Rotex Gold pads and the problem went away, so I was just wondering if other JK owners noticed the dust and changed their pads, and if so what kind and what brand.

Thanks for your inputs.
You might wawnt to reclaculate the 6.2 X 18 thing. The correct answer is 111.6 lbs. Not enough to make any part of a jeep sag.
My mistake... thanks for catching it.
I fixed it by using a 3/4" spacer at the rear on the passenger side.
Where and how did you install the spacer?
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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