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New JK and Two Questions...

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Hello, I just got the new '08 JK last week... a big difference from the '99 TJ I just sold.

I have two questions about the JK:

- I just noticed the new JK sits about an inch lower on the passender's side (yes, I measured it). The suspention is still stock. Has anyone experienced this?

- After just 150 miles the wheels are filthy. Are there any low dust brake pads avalible for the JK?

Thanks for any comments.

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You might wawnt to reclaculate the 6.2 X 18 thing. The correct answer is 111.6 lbs. Not enough to make any part of a jeep sag.
really? go throw a couple cases of water in the front seat you will see a huge LEAN from the water alone. 100 pounds will most certainly make the jeep lean
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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