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New JK and Two Questions...

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Hello, I just got the new '08 JK last week... a big difference from the '99 TJ I just sold.

I have two questions about the JK:

- I just noticed the new JK sits about an inch lower on the passender's side (yes, I measured it). The suspention is still stock. Has anyone experienced this?

- After just 150 miles the wheels are filthy. Are there any low dust brake pads avalible for the JK?

Thanks for any comments.

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New brakes will show considerable dust (black- powder) and will accumulate on especially the front wheels. The brakes are fine...completely normal. After several hundred miles you will see less of the dust. Brake pads are just getting broken in. As to why it may be leaning to one side- Sounds as if you need to make sure that you are on a completely level surface. Put the jeep somewhere else (on the street/ in a parking lot) and check again. If it still looks like that then you may look around the shafts of the shocks on that side to make sure one of them isn't leaking fluid/ and that the shafts are not damaged. A damaged or bent shaft can cause fluid loss and subsequently slight lean. Also when checking the "lean" make sure that the wheels are pointed completely straight ahead. May also be a control arm out of adjustment. You may want to check them to see that all hardware has not loosened. The fuel tank is located on the passenger side, but even when full, I don't believe it would cause the vehicle to lean noticeably. You may also check to make sure that the swaybar is connected on both sides. Springs might be another possibility- if someone wheeled the jeep and really compressed that side severely- Doubtful.

See what some one else may recommend- as this is just an educated opinion. There may have been something that I am overlooking. Good luck.
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