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New JK and Two Questions...

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Hello, I just got the new '08 JK last week... a big difference from the '99 TJ I just sold.

I have two questions about the JK:

- I just noticed the new JK sits about an inch lower on the passender's side (yes, I measured it). The suspention is still stock. Has anyone experienced this?

- After just 150 miles the wheels are filthy. Are there any low dust brake pads avalible for the JK?

Thanks for any comments.

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MY JK always leaned to the passenger side, before been lifted and after. Full or empty gas tank. I fixed it by using a 3/4" spacer at the rear on the passenger side.
really? go throw a couple cases of water in the front seat you will see a huge LEAN from the water alone. 100 pounds will most certainly make the jeep lean
Not sure I'd say it is a huge lean, but is why you should measure side to side differences with some sat in the driver seat. It didn't make much difference for me, about 1/4".
Could be because of the fuel tank and the fact that the right side is the torque down side of the motor.
I suspect it is more to do with the rear track bar pulling down the passenger side as it holds the axle centered, but I may be wrong.
Based on that info, any adjustable sway bar links will do the job.
Yup, lots of adjustable links already available. Poly Performance also have them.

Depending on how much you have to adjust one side, you may have to cut one of them down a little, but should be okay without having to do that.

I'd be interested to see what it does to handling, as you will be loading the sway bar up. I imagine it will still be okay as the rear sway bar doesn't do as much work as the front.
The spacer will go between the spring and the upper spring seat, disconnect the rear sway bar both sides remove the right rear shock jack the frame only up you then should be able to insert the spacer. reverse
Yup, it is a very easy install.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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