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Was just curious, my new jeep order has been sitting in KZL status for about 5 days ago. The dealership seems to think it will be arriving soon however I would have expected it to move to another status first. Is it possible it just went straight to a carrier rather than the other status's? We're very close to Toledo Ohio.

Anyway to get the actual status to see if it has actually shipped? All the Chrysler customer care folks can say is that it's KZL status and they state they have no further information.

It depends on the software and process used to update the orders. I am not sure what KZL stands for as far as a description but many times systems update through a nightly batch of programs. They are also, from what the other member said, working less shifts due to the current supply vs demand factor. Just my 2 cents as a geek (I write software for a living).
Have fun with the purchase and please take pics.....You should lower it and put on some spinners. BlinG:beer:
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