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First, one of the problems i have wheen offroad is getting hung up on the rear lower control arm mounts. Not a problem anymore!

About two inches removed and the sway bar and shock mounts were moved up several inches and the plasma cut up the mounts.

Next, CTM u-joints and chromolly axle shafts in the front:

The CTM's are kind of a pain because you have to lube them so much but the payoff is they are SUPER strong and a nice insurance policy.

Next, GEARS! 5.13's:

You just have to trust me they are in there :D

Lastly my steering upgrade(s) is/are complete. The drag link flip and track bar mount from Poly Performance are all installed. I also have the tie rod from poly in there:

These are all simple ways to improve the capability of this jeep!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts