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New guy here from Chicago.

Just picked up an 07 2dr Wrangler X asp with 18k on the ticker. Yea, it's like it's new. It'll be a DD for a year or two. That said, I don't drive a ton. Long distance is what the Dodge is for.

No photos yet (just picked it up yesterday)
Has what appears to be 1in lift coils from teraflex on stock goodyears

Build plan is up in the air.

1. 37's to 40's on some beadlocks
2. built d44's or 60's from Dynatrac or Solid
3. most likely rock krawler suspension
4. big fenders-I have run and like Metalcloak but like what nemesis has

Plus the usual winch (Warn is in the garage) and lights and other add-ons

It's replacing this:

'95 YJ 2.5L/5sp Locked d44's on bead locked 35's w/ a full cage and full armor


Lots of great info I've found from lurking and decided to join finally.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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