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New from CO

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Hola! As you probably guessed from the username, I'm female and just decided to finally stop lurking and create a profile on JKO.

I've been four wheeling for a long time, mainly in NoCo but I've also been to Moab (once). I like to think I'm pretty well experienced since I've run some of the more difficult trails and obstacles. What I don't have any experience with is fixing things when they break. I'll confess, the ex did all the mechanical work on the JK. However, I haven't exactly had a lot of breakage on the trail. Of course now that I said that my next run will be an expensive one, right?

Anyhow, I haven't really been lurking much lately so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to post stats on what mods I have or whatever. I'm sure you will all fill me in on it.
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Go for it, post your mods and pictures of your Jeep so we can see watcha got.
Welcome,post pics and list of mods you have. TONS of good people and advice here.

Alrighty - so I'll start by listing the mods I've got. While I wait for photobucket to transfer my pics from facebook...

  • old man emu 2.5" lift
    heavy duty rear springs
    front axle has been trussed and gusseted
    arb diff covers
    35 in wrangler mud terrains
    cold air intake
    K & N air filter
    arb front bumper
    i think that's all

I did have a Warn winch and lights on the front, but lost those to the ex.

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Welcome to jko
Welcome to JKO:beer:
Welcome - good looking Jeep
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