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Help U4WDA with finical support during this critical time with land-use issues. No less the 12 RMP's are in the works right now and U4 can use your support.

U4WDA has set up a new Monthly Recurring Donations option on our website.

Make a monthly, recurring donation to U4WDA by selecting an amount from $10 to $100. Recurring donations will be processed each month for the next 12 months. You may cancel your recurring donation at any time.

Now it is even easier to support the cause!

Click below to try it out!


Also, anyone who starts a monthly paypal pledge before the end of the year (including you guys who already started) gets a free hat for every $10/month in the first month. So $10/month gets 1 hat, $25/month gets 2 hats, $50/month gets 5 hats. We won't have the hats until sometime in the spring but I give you my personal guarantee that you'll get one of the very first hats.
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