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Thanks to their handy Facebook giveaway - I installed my new Clayton HD crossmember on Saturday.

What the UPS man dropped off at the office.

Easy enough installation. Loosen/remove skids (if applicable), then remove the center bolts that attach under the transmission and the two on each of the side frame rails. Slide old one out, then rinse and repeat.

There's even a walk-through video on the Clayton site.

Clayton HD Cross Member and Skid Plate System Installation - YouTube

*Note to those interested in this - if you have other skidplates (e.g. Rockhard, in my case), you will have to drill an additional hole for the mounting bolts and get longer bolts than the ones provided for the transmission/transfer case skid, and possibly adjust the holes for the gas tank skid. Not a big deal - just wasn't expecting that when I went to go put everything back in order.


Other than that - it's a pretty beefy piece. I didn't take any comparison photos of the new one vs. the stock, but it is basically 3/16 steel compared to what looked like 1/16" steel on the stock member.

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I have Poison Spyder's....pretty much the same thing. The least visible but one of the better upgrades you can install.
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