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If you’re really into serious off-roading and mighty Jeeps, yet would love to go a bit wild with your project and add a couple of Hellcat style elements on your Wrangler, consider about our all-new Hellcat Style Carbon Fiber Hood by Carbon Creations. It is manufactured for all Hellcat style enthusiasts out there and will provide your Jeep with one of a kind, truly unique appearance.

A carbon fiber hood is not something that we see on the Jeeps that often, because the weight savings is not really the thing in the world of the off-road modifications. Despite this fact, the guys over at Carbon Creations decided to give it a shot and release a fully custom CF hood for the JK models.

Carbon Creations® - Hellcat Style Carbon Fiber Hood


- The manufacturer recommends to use hood pins for proper installation. Hood pins are not included
- Do not use gas struts since they create excessive pressure that can cause serious damage to your hood and their hardware


- Racing inspired aerodynamics and style
- Used by professionals in auto racing, drifting and drag racing
- Made from 100% Grade-A 2x2 twill weave Carbon Fiber
- High Gloss Finish
- UV Coating
- Up to 70% lighter than OEM parts while retaining maximum strength and durability
- 1 year limited warranty

Click here to read more about new Carbon Creations release for Jeep Wrangler.​
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