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http://s902.photobucket.com/user/Cokitty/library/Horse Canyon

Needles District is more than Elephant Hill & Bobby's Hole.
A few pictures from Salt Creek & Horse Canyon in Canyonlands National Park. This road has been closed or impassable (same thing) most of the 4 years since we were there last. It has become somewhat overgrown in places.
It NEEDS to be DRIVEN if it is to stay open.
Access is restricted to 8 vehicles each day so it is a good idea to get a reservation from the Back Country Ranger at the Needles District Visitor Center. Also need to buy a $10 per vehicle permit to get the combination to the gate.
Great trail about 13 miles each way with side trips. Also a couple places to walk .3 to .8 miles to more arches, ruins & rock art. We took a full day & did not get to more than half of the points of interest. Most of it is in sand wash with about a mile of shallow water over the road. The non-Rubicon in our group had no trouble in the water but stuck in the deepest soft sand.
Too bad this road is not in a Charles Wells Guide Book, but, 'Canyonlands National Park Favorite Jeep Roads & Hiking Trails' by David Day has a lot of detail information.
Please go drive this road before it disappears into the overgrowth.
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