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Bump stops

At 14.5 and 15 " compressed, I doubt you need bump stops. For the front, use hockey pucks, slide 2 in, fully articulate it, if there is travel left, you can remove a puck and do it again. you can do the same for the rear, but will need to tape or blue tack the hocky pucks onto the rear pad.

Got the new shocks today, need help before installing them.
The new shocks i got are longer, the shock cylinder is 2" longer then the ones on JK right now. I went out and measured the shocks mount to mount and got 20" front with 5,5" uptravel and 21"rear with 6" uptravel..
so you guys think the new ones too long? looks like its gonna be 3,5" front and 4" rear of uptravel and the shocks gonna be 3/4 compressed.. the new shocks are bilstein 5100 3,5"+ lift.
i hope i explained that ok. lol :beer:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts