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want to install LED lights, 2 wires come out of LED strip(positive and negative). I want to hook it up to the orange w/ gray strip wire from HVAC switch so it will dim with other dash lights.

Do I just hook up LED's positive wire to the orange gray strip wire?

How do I add a switch in between it so it acts as a master light kill (to turn it off whenever I want). I want to use the daystar rocker switch.

where does the negative wire from the LED strip hook up to?just ground it to any metal?

If anybody has a diagram that's really appreciated.

Also, where is the wire for door open? I want to add a LED light in the tailgate so when I open the tailgate the light will turn on.

Thank you guys so much.

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Man that's a lot of questions...

-I.m not sure if you can connect the LED direct to power... You may have to add a resistor or something... Depends on the rating of your LED... (how many Amps, etc)

-For the switch, yes you can, just put it on the positive side... Between power (battery or orange/grey wire) and lights.

-Yes ground to metal. (Just make sure that the metal piece you ground to is indeed grounded to battery...)

-For the tailgate I dont know.

Maybe this can be a starting point... (just forget the wireless part)
http://www.boogey.com/Remote/Ultimate Remote Wiring Diagram.jpg
http://www.boogey.com/Hookup photo with remote.jpg

And here, shows how to connect many together...


Good luck!
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