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I saw these trailers near Soccoro, TX last week:

I decided to add one to the other trailer I bought as part of a trailer science project a few weeks ago.

While I like the M416 series, they're almost impossible to get around here and have almost disappeared from government liquidation.

My requirement is not for for a trailer capable of negotiating extreme obstacles, but rather one that can traverse forest roads up in the Mogollon Rim area in New Mexico and also haul stuff for my building needs at home.

I decided to go back give them a closer look yesterday.

The M100 was Bubba-ized and heavily corroded and I passed.

If I bought it, I'd probably end up chucking everything but the frame.

Anyway, for those of you in El Paso and vicinity that may be interested in it, it's on Farm to Market Road 76 a few miles Southeast of Soccoro at 31.623238,-106.244021.

I bought the black trailer for $420.

The trailer spring centers are 46" and the hub centers appear to be 59-60".

I'll be replacing the worn, axle with a tubular 3500lbs 5 on 5 hub face which prices out for $186 plus shipping.

(I still have to remove the rims and confirm the hub centers to confirm hub face dimensions).

As priced from Freedom Axle:


Standard Axle Size : Custom Axle: Choose Measurements Below
Custom Hub Face (inches) : 60
Custom Spring Center (inches) : 46
Special Instructions : None Needed
Axle Type : Straight
Bolt Pattern : 5 lug on 5.0" circle
Lube Type : EZ Lube
Brake Type : None (Idler)
Springs and U-bolt Kit : Eye to Eye
Hanger Kit : Single Axle Kit


Here it is behind the JK:

And parked next to my other trailer:

Anyway, no telling where this or a follow on trailer project will take me.

Ultimately, I'll probably end up fabbing something from the ground up along the dimensions of my most recent acquisition.

These are just cheap lessons to help me refine what my requirements are.


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Thats great! I did the same thing....took a 4x8' trailer and set it up for camping, etc...then I had to buy another trailer for actually hauling something besides a cooler...looks like youre already ahead.
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