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but I have a feeling it will come in way under 6k.
My fat ass of a Jeep somehow came in at ~5850. One tons and 40s, heavy ass rear bumper and a very light front. Thats it. No fenders or aftermarket sliders. Based on that I think you will be north of 6K by quite a bit. If you somehow come in under 5850, Ill book you a flight to CO so my Jeep can go on the gt1guy diet :grin2:

But I'm determined to go 38's w/ 0" of lift after this comp cut front & rear.
Have you seen Jeep's lower 40 build from years back? If you want to run 38s with no lift and want any sort of usable up travel, its going to require a bit more than a comp cut...
1 - 1 of 62 Posts