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My personal vehicle

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I roll a little differently. And this is just one of my favorites.

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Ha! I have one more antenna than you!

Are you SAR? What's with the light bar?

Looks good JR.

PS Don't let Lance or Mike S near your XJ.
Actually I have one more 1/4 wave 2meter/400 pigtail antenna on the back that you can't see, so we're even.

I'm not SAR, that's not nearly as fun as what I do. I work with a group in the Northwest called Sweep. We operate as volunteers for Rally America sanctioned stage rally events in the NW. We work closely with the Oregon Rally Group and Pacific Rally Group as their first line of response for crash/medical/fire response. I carry alot of gear, and an EMT with me to boot.

Here are some more pictures from our events...

Ed Sweepin "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram at Oregon Trail 2007.

They do the mowin, we do the towin

Pastrana's Barrel roll...Olympus Rally 2007

Older school pic at ATC Start

Ken Block on a 17 mile stage at Olympus 2007

Malcolm missed a corner, Wild West 2007

Back at camp on the Snake River, Wild West 2007
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so is that your actuall JOB or something you do on the side? cause if thats all you do that f'n rocks.
Not my job, just my obsession. We volunteer and do 5-6 events a season.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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