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Im a seasoned wheeler...

in order of importance...

TOOLS (cant fix it if ya aint got tools..seen trucks stranded cus someone didnt have a socket to fix something simple!)

tow points..(front and rear..a rear receiver tube works AWSOME for a tow point!!)

STRAP..(and do not under any circumstances get the ones with hooks on the ends..get the 2inx30'ft..you'll love it!!)

Hi-lift jack

upgrade to more agressive tires..

air-down for traction..

and dont go wheelin alone...IF YOU DO...

WINCH (at least 1 1/2x the weight of your jeep...a 6000lb one will BARELY do the job..most 8000lbs ones are only $40 more than the 6K's..so get a nice NAME BRAND winch..not the cheap CHICAGO/Harbor freight ones..they work..but TRUST ME..when you really really need it..thats when it breaks!!)

and find a local group..lettem know your new..they can teach ya what ya need to know..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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