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My first ever Wrangler!!!

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Hello all, im Phil and I live in Albucrackie New Mexico. I bought my very first Wrangler last month and I love every second of it. I go out and look for random things to drive over just because I CAN! LOL I have a 2008 X, sadly all stock still, but already looking at catalogs to see what i want to do to it. I have very little mechanical skills, but from what I have been told a Jeep will teach you very quickly. Hope to get mod ideas from other JK owners to put on my "wish list"
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M jk is my 3rd jeep. Once you get above 33's, you will see a significant drop in gas mileage. Gotta start looking into more expensive lifts and lower gear ratios as well if you go taller than that. Also, all the extra ad ons to make the jk tick. It is addictive, kinda like tattoos...and you always start out with just something easy....like bigger tires. Have fun and good luck!
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