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My build up so far...

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Well, here is a clip of my Rubicon so far. Rubicon Express 3.5" Super Flex, RE shocks, RE front drive line, Gibson SS dual exhaust. Mickey Thompson Classic II wheels and MT BAJA CLAW radials.
Story behind the Gibson exhaust, some guy stopped by my house Fri. night and told me he had bought the Gibson for his 2dr JK X and had never put it on. He then sold his JK and didn't want this sitting in his garage want to know if I wanted it. Free of charge! So yeah bring it by, don't think I would have bought one myself but the price was right and it sounds good.
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Looks good :), do like the look of the twin exhaust, what's it sound like?
I had a request for a YouTube of the exhaust sound, so I'll try to get it done tonight and post it.
Sharp looking ride for sure...

OK, here is a YouTube clip of what it sounds like.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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