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Start of the trail:

It was 41 degrees when we parked at the trailhead which is 8,439 feet in elevation.

Mountain tops covered by clouds:

We stopped and had coffee at the trails highpoint of 10,023 feet. I don't know what the temperature was but it got cold enough to give my camera troubles. We hit knee deep snow in a few spots.

Gnarly old tree:

Me at the Raintree:

The Raintree is the largest and oldest tree in the mountain range, estimated at over 3,000 years old. 9,968 feet in elevation.

Mummy Springs all frozen over:

It was 35 degrees at the trailhead when we got back. Had a Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale and Guinness Extra Stout while enjoying a La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro.
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