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Jamis Durango, Black/Silver (with some stickers), that I need to put in a good home where it will get more use. Lately I just havent had alot of chances to ride, and I dont see any in the near future, so Id like it to go to a good home. Size is 19" C-T, 17"C-C, 30" Standover


Jamis Durango. Hardtail MTB
26x2.1 inch front/rear tires, Kenda Komodo
Shimano Disk Brakes w/ new brake pads, and new Jagwire brake lines
Aftermarket Shimano Deore XT Three Piece 7" crank, w/ Animal Aluminum pedals
Adjustable front suspension, Lockout
XRC Riser Handlebars
Blackburn Mammoth air pump
MTB Pure seat

Asking 550. This price is negotiable, because I dont want to even think about shipping this if I can help it, and like I said it needs a rider. Please Help give my bike a home! I need money for Parts! :th_pray:

Pics. Dont get me wrong, shes seen some wear. Has scratches and dings in a few places. But its still a great bike, and has seen alot of love and alot of money.

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