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Mopar Performance Front Driveshaft

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I purchased a set of JKUR axles and am in the process of cleaning them up to install in my 2008 Sahara. Going to replace all the bushings and do the brakes while I am at it.

The axles came with a 4" Superlift lift still attached, pretty much everything but the brackets to extend the brake lines but I may go with longer brake lines instead of buying those from superlift.

Now for my question. I have been investigating front driveshaft options. The driveshaft on my 2008 was stolen so I need a new one anyway so will probably just get a new dual Cardan style replacement. I have looked through several discussions on Adam's vs Wood's vrs Oliver's etc but have never seen a review on the Mopar dual Cardan that comes with their 4" lift. Any reason why it would not be as good as the other options?
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