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Modified JK fuel cell?

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I just got done reading the skid plate thread and was wondering if its possible to replace the fuel cell and create a new skid plate for it? Has anyone looked into it? I fabbed up a 3/16" plate to skin the existing fuel skid but I still feel that I need more break over angle.

I feel that this is the only design flaw that is glaring and even would be willing to go to a 15 gallon tank or even try to put it in the back behind the seat. If anyone has idea's or suggestions on how to deal with the fuel pump or any thoughts...
Please help me brainstorm.
Oh... I have the CAD drawing for this plate if anyone is interested. I bought the steel and had it jetted out for just around $150. Mine is completely hammered and still is holding up. I have high centered on it several times and it easily holds up the weight of the JK.
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I was looking at the pic of the frame. If you had some mad plastic molding skills, I would think you could fab a tank that raised up the stock bottom up a couple of inches and fit up inbetween the crossmembers. It's taking advantage of the space between the crossmembers that's key. To make this work might require a body lift.
I dont think a body lift will work. look at the crossmembers above the tank. Raising the body will not raise the cross members and the tank is already as high as it will go.
Think of a camel. Put humps on the gas tank between the cross members. That's why you need the guys with mad plastic molding skills to create this crazy tank with a shallow bottom for clearance and humps to increase capacity.

I'm just an idea guy. Those of you who know how tanks have to be designed from an engineering point can tell me i'm wrong.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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