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Mod List -Complete with little stuff

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Mod List -Complete with little stuff- Copperhead

2009 JKU X - Sunburst Orange Pearl : This build is just a slow wishlist of changes to make my Jeep more trailworthy as time goes by. I have more time than money so little changes and work the list is my plan. Go on as many trails as possible and as difficult as my skills and mods will allow. Be sure to scroll down for trail pics!!!

Topless and doorless:

Jeep created this:

Now it looks like this:

Hardtop doors on



I'm thinking seriously of taking this thing offroad one day...

Making it mine.
Homemade rock sliders
Note: I have one of the rare "Angler Limited" edition JK's- Don't be a hater!

Homemade rear bumper

Homemade front bumper added my recovery tabs 7/21/12

I have tried to list every little thing I do to my Jeep just to keep track. Some of changes are so small they really don't matter much, but I like to to keep a record.

Phase I - Complete

•Done Rusty’s 3.25" Suspension Lift -shocks, coils, frt & rear adj. track bar, discos
•Done Rough Country 1.25"Body Lift
•Done OR-Fab Sport Cage with floor mount & rear streamer
•Done Superwinch EPi9.0
•Done Wheels: ProComp 8179 15x8
•Done Tires: BFG KM2 35x12.5x15 ([email protected] 52K with BFG AT's 35x12.5x15)Dec. 2013
•Done EVO C2 gussets
•Done Aussie Locker Front
•Done Extended Crown SS front brake lines in orange
•Done Garmin GPS 200W (replaced with iPhone 4S apps)
•Done Update: (custom rear bumper built)
•Done Update: (custom front bumper built)
•Done Hood lift mod
•Done Drilled mirrors mod
•Done Transmission skid plate washer drop and skid trim
•Done Freedom Top latch screws mod
•Done Grill Screen Mod
•Done Rock lights front
•Done Evap tuck 2" mod
•Done Custom 10" Drop hitch (lift induced)
•Done More recline rear seat mod
•Done Custom winch plate for stock bumper
•Done Clamps on diff breather tubes mod
•Done Mirror vents mod
•Done Blacked out- Wrangler Unlimited logo, door locks, antenna, trail rated badge, CB back
•Done Midland CB 1001z / Wilson 4' flexible antenna
•Done Fuel door
•Done Tail light Guards
•Done Tow package
•Done Doors off mirror mod w/ footrest
•Done Portable air compressor
•Done Tailgate Tire spacers Daystar
•Done Freedom Top storage covers
•Done Fire extinguisher
•Done Rear receiver d-ring bar
•Done Dog barrier w/ door
•Done Snatchblock pulley
•Done Air horn Harbor Freight
•Done Mastercraft Handles front / Kayak rear
•Done First aid kit
•Done Cushion on console
•Done Seatbelt wraps for flapping mod
•Done 30' Recovery and Procomp 30k # tree strap
•Done Mats Frt & rear
•Done Two Scepter military fuel cans
•Done Duplicolor Bedliner blacked out grill
•Done Silverstar 3157 backup bulbs
•Done Backup stock front driveshaft
•Done Tree saw
•Done Shovel

Phase II In Progress:

*Welding it myself
Done- •Custom made *rock sliders Homebrew -3/17/10
Done- •Custom made cargo receiver rack Homebrew 3/28/10
Done- •Chopped fenders 4/3/10
Done- •Black reflective logo "Copperhead" 5/25/10
Done- •Yaesu FT7900R ham radio mobile - 2m VHF/UHF 440 7/25/10
Done- •B&M Transmission cooler 70268 - 09/20/10
Done- •Stabilizer-Monroe #SC-2960 10/16/10
Done- •JeepSWAG.com- Wood's steering stabilizer relocate 11/2/10
Done- •Front adjustable lower control arms - Rusty's 1/30/11
Done- •Rear extended swaybar links -Rusty's 1/31/11
Done- •Hi-Lift 48" 2/5/11
Done- •Hi-Lift Hood Mount- Warrior Products Winner!
Done- •Mirror relocate bracket homebrew- Thanks to my friend (The Fireman) 5/13/2011
Done- •Prestone 300w inverter ( works for now) found this in the garage
Done- •Bestop Trektop NX -Ordered - 3/19/2011 Jeep Top Depot - 08/08/11
Done- •Cargo organizer 8/7/11
Done- •Windshield washer fix on Hi-Lift 10/9/11
Done- •Detroit rear locker - 187SL16D 12/24/11 Thanks to Tectah for his help to make this possible.
Done- •Grade 8 - 9/16 fine thread 3" track bar bolts- big difference (do this) 1/10/2012
Done- •*Homebrew Rear bumper with recovery points and built in receiver 3/14/12 (receiver 4/11/12) made drop in safety chain brackets and 4 pin wiring mount- Made with my son-priceless(5/4/12)
Done- •Won the Ride of the Month- Average Build for April - Thanks -Norm at Stomper Off-Road - received ACE door hangars. Safe way to store my doors for doors off driving!! (4/20/12)
Done- •Security box under the seat- Used my plasma cutter to make a bracket for my gun vault. (4/29/12)
Done- •*Homebrew drop in step for mother-in-law (5/8/2012)
Done-•*Homebrew front bumper* (7/9/12) stinger later I think
Done-•*Homebrew custom 11" drop hitch (replaced the lost hitch) 7/30/12
Done-• EK-Motorsports door limiting straps front pair (broke mine) 8/24/12
Done-• Locking gas cap - Inspection fail - 8/06/13 (Note: gas gauge started working correctly)
Done-• Battery Duralast Gold 34-DLG 8/9/13
Done-• Alloy USA ball joints 11800 EAD Offroad 11/17/2013
Done-• ManJeep Dashtray (Giveaway) http://www.manjeep.net/ 11/12/2014
Done-• Synergy Chromoly #8002 - tie rod - 11/24/14
Done-• Mopar cruise control 02/13/2016


•*Tire carrier *
•Replace Dana 30 with / Dana 60
•5.13 Gears - Superior
•*Diff covers frt and rear * (Bluetorch Fab DIY weld it up yourself kit)
•*Homebrew oil pan skid *
•Seat covers - Trek Armor
•TOTL Hood - Heat reducing and looks sick!
•Programmer- Diablo Sport
•Front driveshaft - Tatton's
•Redneck Stage II ram assist
•Wheels-Trail Worthy Fab H1 new centers double beadlock
•Tires-37x12.5x16.5 military Goodyear
•Rebel Offroad Brake kit
•Headlights -IPF 920H4
•Lights aux. Trailworthy Fab LED 12" - 406YJ
•PSC JK Front Crusher Flares™ - Narrow Width (Steel) and corners
•5100 Bilstein shocks
•CO2 tank or onboard air
•Rubicrawler Doubler 42RLE-Advance Adapters
•*Homebrew windshield rack for kayak*
•*Homebrew shock flip copied from Goodysgotcuda*
•Modular XHD Snorkel Kit by Rugged Ridge

Just stuff I want sometime:

Done- •Longevity WeldMax LC-520D/ 110/220v -200 amp Tig, 190 amp Stick, 50 amp Plasma cutter 3/2/12
Done- •Homemade Trail Grill (fire pit and grill)
•PSC Fire Extinguisher
•Better Air Horn
•Vents for hood - Trail Duty or AEV hood
•Polk Audio DB651 6" speakers
•Lloyd Rear Cargo mat
•Fumoto valve F106N
•EBC brakes
•Tinted windows
•ACE Tube half doors
•Staun tire deflators
•LineX interior
•Hardtop headliner by "09rubicon"
•Inverter built in

Phase III = Looong term plan

•LS 5.3/6.2 by MoTech (Power would be nice with mpg)
•RK Longarm
•40" Tires
•Front and rear Dana 60

Maintenance/Repair items:

Cracked manifold -driver side 7-15/2011-Note:under warranty with lifetime powertrain
Front axle bearing- passenger side 3/30/2012- 40,100 miles Click here to see: How to Replace
Replaced front axle u-joint 9/29/2012 (passenger) Ball Joints -Alloy USA chomemoly/greaseable 11/17/2013
Rear brake pads and driver side rotor Duralast Gold DGC1274 $54.99 52k 12/15/2013 Autozone

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Looks good, way too organized for me! lol. I order what i like! But looks like a great setup
Looks good

Member of San Antonio Jeep Exclusive?

Still Water Ranch?
Thats quite a list of mods! Nice rig!
Very nice rig!

Awesome to keep that detailed a list of mods. It lets you know really how far you've brought it.

Hope to see you around!
I love the color of your Jeep!
My 07 2dr The front bumper had a bad approach angle because of poor design. I designed it. Lesson learned

My 07 went to the boneyard, luckly I didn't go with it. Get a cage just my$0.02.

K-2 (Katemcy 2- Mason , TX ) My new favorite place in Texas.

Oil change?

Still playing king of the mountain..

Living on the edge...

I think this should be on a Jeep brochure.

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Pics of other additions

Yaesu FT7900R Ham Radio

Custom made receiver rack to clear the spare

16' Flatbottom boat (Sold to my brother-in-law) and bought back 5 years later(Yes!)..

Tandem kayak

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1990 Coleman Pop Up - Well worn but great for us. SOLD
I thought I had a picture for this but...found a pic

You can never really tell just how steep some of the hills are but here is a short vid of one that shows a steep climb. Just click on the picture:

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Front lower adjustable control arms = much better driving! Rusty's $199 heavy duty.

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great pix 4x4x4! Mine still looks like you 'before' down to the lame tires and wheels :( .... someday, someday..
Warrior Products did a giveaway for January that I won!!!! They gave away winch rollers and a Hi-Lift Hood Mount. I won the hood mount. I did have to go out and buy a Hi-Lift. That's when my wife said, "You need a jack on your hood? I guess that is a good thing in the Jeep world." Yes, Honey it is! She is a good wife so she just says it's your Jeep do what you want. Flowers at work for Valentines is a winner guys!

I will say that it is a very well built mount. They put in a tube where the bolt goes through to strengthen the design. The bolts are allen heads to make a cleaner look and less available to remove than an adjustable wrench. I was surprised that the hood didn't seem that much heavier when you lift it. It is so far back on the hood it makes sense, but was still surprising considering how much the jack weighs. It took all of 10 minutes to install, so there is nothing technical. I used an extra spider ball loop to separate the handle from the jack to keep it secure and quiet. Normally I would have put my jack inside but it's a jack so if it needs some care I will take it off and hit it with some paint or oil to keep it functioning properly. I did also put a cable through the mount and jack to help keep it locked in place for someone less honest. I don't think my wiper spray will clear the mount, so I will need to get a generic sprayer at the auto store to make it reach the windshield. I might actually be able to improve the spray pattern. I don't use it much so it's not that critical to me.

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Pics of rear sway bar link. I needed to trim the bolts so nothing would rub during flex. I also made a bracket for my rear brake line drop. (nothing special) This was long overdue.

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Looking good...way to wheel it!
Trek top NX pics removed
Sweet looking jeep man. Mines black so its really monochrome and Id rather have some color. But hell black looks nice too. I wanna eventually put 35s on it with cragar soft 8s and perhaps a 4" lift. I really like the hemi but damn the wife would kill me if I spent $25k on the jeep and didnt get her a new car first. So I think the Supercharger is in my future.
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