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So I have owned Jeeps for 20+ years, and I have been fortunate to be around JK's since they first launched back in 2007(ISH). I also have had the pleasure of driving our Rancho Jeeps as well around the country. When the time came for me to graduate to a new Jeep, it was a no-brainer. I sold off my YJ rock-crawler I had for 20 years and some other stuff, and made the jump into owning a JK for myself!

2013 JK SPORT with the power package, auto, Bluetooth package and up graded stereo.
80 miles!


My home base is Colorado, so this build will be here, at a local established shop, called Four To Go.

I loaded it up before our latest snow storm, but haven't strapped it down yet.... great, get to crawl around in the snow!!

Stay tuned, we partnered up with some great companies in this industry and will be showing this build over the next 10 days!!

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My first modification was the Truck-Lite LED headlights. SUPER easy install.

So nice!!

The pig tail wires need to work with the stock wiring.

Little weird tearing into something with such low miles...

It is a little bit of a bugger to get this off, I used a flat head to pop it off. Also use a Torx T-15 driver not a socket, you need all the room in this space!!

All back together, will adjust after the suspension and tires/wheel are on...

A taste of whats to come... :rock:


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Congrats. Id rethink four to go though, they do crap work. They set my fuel lines on fire welding on my sliders, a simple job. The welds look like shit and everyone that has looked at it can't beleice a real shop did it. When they set then on fire that was when I took them back to be re done since they didn't weld all the way around the mounts and the mounts weren't even flush....then the second time they messed up worse.

Ask four to go, this was fall 2012 im sure they remember. They fixed the lines but my sliders are still not welded all the way around, which evo said I should have done.

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So I made it down to the shop after digging out of a little snow storm... I loaded it up before the snow... but I didn't strap it down. Snow is cold... and turns into cold water!!! Ha!

I am a DIY guy most of the time, but with this purchase happening for quickly before hand, I had to call on a shop. These guys have been in business since 1972 in the Denver area, and I have met them in Moab over the last few years and on the trails as well. They have always been cool, and friendly out there.

Pretty proud of this.... remember when you are looking for parts. Often time others will make theirs over seas and still charge a premium...

Lots or Rancho boxes!! Down the road I will do a write up/install of out half tube doors....

And it begins....

Our front bumper.... we are changing this a bit in the future..

You have an option of red or black with most of our systems.... I went red for the reason for it to "pop" and be a sales/marketing tool out there.... yes it is a personal Jeep but I will be more than willing to talk to you about my brands.:thumbsup:

When you do a lift of over 3" or so on a newer JK you need to address the front drive shaft droop, this pipe addresses that!


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Popping off the stock pitman arm, I will be saving that for a flip latter on, most likely.

The exhaust pipe off and getting ready to be measured and cut and replaced with our pipe

The line has been made!!

This is going away and will be replaced by a system on our exhaust side, DynoMax. I went with the "rock crawler" system I want my wife to be happy. :)

This will get one of our oil pan skids as well... cheap insurance.

Front control arms with the bushings in.

1350 drive shafts
Bonus if you know what that axle is out of...


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New brake lines front and rear...

Stock is on the top, our Rancho pipe is on the bottom....

The new pipe installed:

Another view of the cross over pipe

Our oil pan protector

Bye bye!!! Replacing with our RS7000MT monotube shock

We don't need directions!! :clap:

Out with the "worn out" front Dana 30. 85 miles on it....


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The front waiting for something...

I am still waiting on my wheels, so shop rollers will get the job done for now.

Some old Hoosiers on 15's complete the "low profile" look I am going for. :gak:

What's next???

Lining it up..

Shop dogs!!

These brackets need to be cut off to make room for our arms up front.

The torch is on it!

Torch and sawzall make short work of it...

Off to get more pictures today!!!

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Can't wait to see the see the finished build.


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I went with the 37" BFG Krawler tire, they are super sticky on the trail and really grip.

In this pic the rear Dynatrac is in as well.


So this tire carrier cover will be used in conjunction with our new swing out tire carrier.

The rear bumper:

The DynoMax "rock crawler" system is an easy install. I went with this system, because I have two young kids...

Front/rear axles/system installed!


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So a lot of guys do a "DIY" using this muffler from our system, here is the P/N.

The shop is going to build this Bug to race SCORE/BITD, hopefully in 2014!!!

The rear monotube shock installed on the ProRock 60.

So one of the cool things about this locking hub, is how thin it is, hopefully won't be a "rock grabber" down the road.

The new bracket for the rear.... these guys spent a lot of time cutting off the old stuff.

I had to go with a conversion u-joint on the axles. The driveshafts I got I thought were 1350... but weren't.

At this point, I thought we were close to being done. HA!!!!!


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Making progress!

So here is the quick disconnects that I used:
Rancho P/N RS67565B, some don't like these because there is no "pin" to put these on, I just bungie cord them up.

The Bushwacker flat fender flares are really nice!

The instructions are really detailed, and if you and your friends are handy, all it takes is time to get these on.

One of the things that I like about these flares is that you retain the stock inner flare.

So you attach these inner braces/frame to Jeep body, then mount the flares.

The K&N air filter is another nice upgrade, they see gains of upwards of 12HP, living at a Mile High in elevation, I won't see those gains, but have always used these filters on other vehicles and like the reusable feature.

Again really detailed instructions. There are a lot of little pieces but this is another easy install. If you do have a winch you will need to reroute the power cables a little, but not hard at all.

Like a glove!!!


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And its "done"

On the alignment rack...



So worth it!!!

So how does it drive/handle? Great, at 75MPH no shimmies/shakes. Tires aren't too loud. The exhaust sounds great. And with the 5.38's in the Dynatracs moves along.

One thing I noticed through out this build was that most of the parts (not wheels) are Made in the USA!

Warn Zeon
BF Goodrich Krawlers

Got to love that! I will post more once I get out to Moab, over on our Facebook page.

I will also update as I add more/change things on this Jeep.
Some things for the future:

CB, right now I am using race radios.... thankfully a lot of have these as an option.
Steering assist.... those 37's are grippy.
A "real" cage down the road....

Thanks all for following along. :beer:
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