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Moab in September....

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Well, my (occasional) annual jeep trip to the west is planned for September this year. This is where a former cow-orker of mine (he lives in Cupertino California) and I get together to tell tall tales of work, life, politics, jeep, and whatever conversational topic presents itself. Another former coworker (from Eugene Oregon) is coming also. Two years ago a ROF member (U.S. Navy EWO trainee - MTDirk ) came in his LJ and we had a blast. This is the time we spent the night on Golden Spike (Gold Bar rim?) at the giant step (got there at 2am. Long day. Longer story. Moral: Start Poison Spider e-a-r-l-y)

Anyway, we'd like to invite anyone else who'd like to go along in their jeep. The trip is planned from September 14th - 20th (arrive/depart). I'm hoping my wife will go this year...because I need a spotter and picture taker. I did that last time for my friend Gary (former Coast Guard) and this year I'm driving. If not, Dave (from Oregon, former submariner) is gonna be real tired hopping in and out of the jeeps doing all that admin stuff like spotting and videoing and such.

And if I develop sufficient gonads in time, we might even do Elephant hill in Canyonlands national park.

We stay at Canyonlands RV park in beautiful downtown Moab. A great RV park, convenient to Gas, groceries, and the brewpub.

I'm posting this now in hopes of teasing some of y'all to join in!


(also posted at the LoneStarJeepClub.org forum)
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