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Reposting this from a Facebook page. It was posted yesterday. As of now they still haven't found them. A picture of the rig is below if I attached it right.

URGENT! MISSING FAMILY MEMBERS, Please Share! Please be on the lookout!

My Aunt Patti Richards and her partner Ron Mitchell are missing near Moab, UT. Their cell phone was last active about 30 miles south of Moab in San Juan County, UT on 9/12. Nine days is too long without any contact. Driving a burnt orange Jeep Rubicon with a tan camper trailer. License plate # XOO5EE Please send to any Utah people you may know. Please call Nate at the San Juan County Sherrif at 435-587-2237 and then contact me or anyone I have tagged in this message with ANY information. A Nationwide Missing Persons report has been issued. Ron and Patti love camping and often head off-road, but this is unusual to be out of contact for this long. It's too early for speculation, so we just need to find where they are or who may know where they went. Thank you everyone! ? with Lana Rock and 7 others.


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