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Mighty Max/D-50 on JK axles

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Now that gas and diesel have gone sky high, I am currently building up an '85Mighty Max/D-50 with a 2.3 Turbo Diesel as my daily driver. I am currently having JK rubicon axles installed under the truck at Ben Hanks Racing in Sandy, UT. I poke around here from time to time looking at axle tech, and I plan to purchase a Rubicon if and when they are available with a diesel. For now this truck with a diesel and JK axles will have to do.

I have been working on alot of upgrades to the engine like adding an intercooler, ported and polished head, propane injection, watercooled turbo charger, etc. in an attempt to achieve 150 hp and 250ft lbs of torque while netting 32 mpg on the freeway. In stock form this engine had 84hp and 136ft lbs of torque, which was very adequate for this truck even lugging 33's over steep mountain passes.

Here are few teaser pics for those that are interested. They have removed most of the IFS and the rear axle assembly. Next they plan to remove the 3" bodylift and the transmission cross member. They need to fabricate a new transmission cross member because it is in the way of where the link arms need to connect to the frame.

The front is getting a new Jeep JK Rubicon axle form Mopar Performance. The axle is a high pinion Dana 44 with Tru-Lok electronic locking differential. The front axle will be a 4 link front end with long arms and a Fox coilover suspension.

The rear is recieving a matching Jeep JK Rubicon axle from Mopar Performance. It is also a Dana 44 with the Tru-Lok electronic locking differential. The rear will ride on an all new Alcan leaf spring setup. I plan on running BFG KM 255/75/17's for now but I will probably change my mind and go with 35's. I also plan on going with a 4.10 axle ratio to optimize fuel efficency.

Also in the works is an Atlas 4 speed transfer case and a complete body restoration.

Here are the axles that are going into the truck.

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My other trollop.......

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update pictures?
yeah, lets see that thing! I cant wait!:beer::smokin:

Sorry, progress has been a little slow but it should be done this week. But I am in no big hurry, I would rather have it done right. Here are a few more shots.

No more IFS.
Getting ready for the coilovers

The Steering box will be moved forward 3-4" as will the front axle.

Here are the New Alcan leaf packs that will be going in the rear. These will be spring over and will greatly improve articulation as well as ride quality. At 58" they are 12" longer than the stock leaf springs.

Here's is a Teaser of what the final product will look like.

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update pictures?

You guys will get to see it, I'm moving back to Logan in 2 weeks.
Well, for the most part the suspension work is completed, I still have a few kinks to work out, but it seems to working quite well. We recently had to swap out the 4.10 gears for 5.13's, we had to add more pressure to the shocks, and add a steering stablizer.

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That little thing is way sick, whats the wheel base on it?
That little thing is way sick, whats the wheel base on it?
The wheel base is around 111" and the total suspension lift is 12". I still need to add a few parts like Bushwhacker flares in the rear and some all new fiberglass fenders in front. It's all coming togeather nicely, I have 14" of travel in the front with the coilovers which is crazy.
Nice work bro, gotta get some pics of it flexing out.
Nice work bro, gotta get some pics of it flexing out.
Yeah, I will do that soon, I know it does not look all that big in the pics, but the truck is right around 7' tall. Just barely short enough to fit into the garage. I parked next to a YJ at the grocery store the other day and the truck completely dwarfed it. Then, and only then, did I realize how big this thing is. What have I created.
Nice Work! Would like to see more detail on the front suspension if possible, especially the 4link long arms. thanks
That rig is pretty trick... Good job with it!!
Reminds me of the early jacked up Toyotas back in the early 80's. Clean body and insane clearance! Well done.
Reminds me of the early jacked up Toyotas back in the early 80's. Clean body and insane clearance! Well done.

Well, looks can be deceiving, the body is not as clean as I would like it, I just bought a bed from a local yard this week and it does not even have one dent on the inside or outside. It also came with a gray duraliner, talk about a score.

The front fenders have some rust in them, so I am currently having some fiberglass fenders made for the truck.
4D55T information

Where did you get the watercooled turbo at. I have a 87 ford ranger with the same engine in it. I thought i read that you put a 4D56T head on your engine what modification were needed to do that or was it a bolt on modification. What intercooler did you use. Also where can you get bigger injectors and pump modification if there are any available. Any information would be helpful. If you did put a different head on where did you get it at. My e-mail is [email protected]
Jon Freeman
Cool build, I always like seeing build pics. But the $ that you spent on this would have paid for your JK gas for a long time!

I'd love to see the updated pics:beer:
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