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Too funny. Read your post and immeiately thought of Super Troopers...."am I drinkin' milk from saucer, am I hoppin' all nimbly bimbly from limb to limb..."

Seriously though, I cannot say enough about the MC 3.5 kit either. I swapped out my RK 3.5 for this since my wife didn't like to drive it once I installed thenRK kit, I didn't care too much and that kit performed well but I can definitely say the MC kit is way smoother and more comfortable in road manners. I am running the 3.5 MC kit with my RK RRD 2.0 shocks and the ride is great! Maybe someday I can pony up and try their shocks too!


Man, if I had the money right now and didnt have to spend it on stupid christmas shit... This kit would be on my rig right meow.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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