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Meet Rex

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TnT Customs out of Cheyenne has been building my Jeep, (they named Rex). Three goals: a) drive highway speeds and handle well, b) Rock Crawl, c) be able to go fast on two track (off)roads.

Here is a "tour of Rex"

First meet the real Rex. My kids gave him to me. I don't know exactly where he picked up the stick.

Next notice the Aluminum front winch bumper with the hoop. That is a Warn 9500XP in there.

The suspension is TnT's Y-Link in the front and a three link in the rear. It has about a 4" lift. Notice that there isn't a bunch of mounts hanging down.

The Front and Rear Shock systems are Off Road Evolutions Double throw downs. TnT modified them to get the ride height lower, and to tune in the ride. These things are really good. Very smooth ride. Holds the road well too. Alos notice the PSC hydro assist pump.

Inside of this rear aluminum winch bumper is a warn winch and ORE's cantilever double throw down system. Lots of stuff to fit into that little space.

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To air up, Rex has a Warn 20CFM compressor.
Thats the VTC right? How do you like it? Are you running it with an additional tank? Is it 100% duty cycle?

I think this is the compressor I am going to get.

Thanks :beer:
Hey Allan, it is the VTC, but its cage is off. It comes with a 1 gallon res built in, I have no other. The cut off is 100-125psi. So it runs till then. I can't answer of "continuous" like you mean. :beer: Pat
Thanks for the info Pat :beer:

How well does it do with your 43s?

(Sorry to detract from your build)
Rex got featured in the Jan 2012 edition of JP Magazine (feature spread over 5 pages). Pics are from back in April. Good job TnT at getting Rex in there.

Just saw the article online:

Congrats again Pat!
Also Rex was supposed to get a Torq axle. However, it seems that Torq can't deliver.
What happened? Were they going to do tone rings?

If you really want to go over board, give Tube Works a call...

I've twisted three D-60 axle shafts so far, no huge deal but irritating
Try to get a set in 300M?? :)

We are in the midst of planning mods to make Rex the ultimate trail jeep (go fast and still crawl extremely well). If you all have 'out of the box' suggestions as to what we be really cool, i'd like to hear them.
Too many to list here... :D
Hi Allan, Yeah, Torq had ownership troubles from what I heard....the partners couldn't agree on what's what. They were supposed to build 9" crate axle with tone rings and stuff.
That sucks. I thought they were going to build 14 bolt crate axles, not 9".

Got a call into Tubeworks. I thought about M-300, up from 4340's. I'm thinking D-80 with rear steer. We are thinking about moving the gas tank (like TnT has been doing on the last few 2 dr JKs), and lifting him a bit more. We've got to figure out a better spot for the gas tank. Also to do the rear steer, The DTD will have to get turned around. Also have to be able to lock down the rear steer so it can go on the road.
If you dont mind, let me know what Tubeworks says. Would love to hear what a company that makes 20K axles comes up with. :)

I would try out 300M before switching axles just because of the $$ involved.

You dont need rear steer. Its cool but it adds more vulnerabilities and detracts from a go fast type of rig. Just add individual hand brakes if you dont have that already.
Still confused on how this will actually "pinch" the tire on both the inner and outer bead?
Still confused. :bawling:

On a traditional double beadlock like a hummer wheel, the wheel itself is actually two pieces. The PVC insert goes in the tire and as you tighten the bolts, the two pieces come closer together sandwiching the tire bead to the PVC insert.

Here I see the PVC insert but cant figure out what will apply pressure to each bead to push it against the insert.

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I see a very jealous person in that picture :)
Nice. I am assuming he is going to weld on a tip to angle the exhaust down a bit?
Part of the thinking is driven by the fact Rex's frame is getting soft. TNT has welded and gusseted the frame a couple times to repair cracks. Rexy has 44+k miles on him. No more than 15k are on road. Lots of hardcore miles, and the wear is showing on the frame.

The parts on Rex are all good so that's a plus. :thinking:

After Rocktoberfest Rex will be in the shop a few months---taking to the next stage. Maybe by Winter on the Rocks the next iteration will be ready.
Bye bye frame? :grinpimp:
I'm with this thinking? Full tube frame with a JK body dropped over it?

I love watching you spend your money :beer:
Yeah I bounced this idea off of Pat at EJS... It would def get the wait down.
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