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Ok, so here is the run down...

I am putting in a system and I want to do as much work as I can myself...

I am going to have the box custom made to specs from JL for the subs.
Some of the equipment is older but I have all of it...
I have some questions for the audio Gurus that I hope I can get answered... I REALLY WANT TO STAY ON TOPIC HERE... I know that everyone wants to throw in their 2 cents about what sounds better or what will work better but the equipment is not changing and never will change I just want help/suggestions for wiring it up and so on... PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC!!! :th_pray:

Right now the electrical is 100% stock.

The Head Unit is a Eclipse AVN5435
here is the specs on it: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-AcI5AcWrelb/p_099AVN5435/Eclipse-AVN5435.html#details-tab

Up front speakers are going to be: MM6501's
here are the specs: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_107MM6501/Polk-Audio-MM6501.html?search=mm6501&skipvs=T#details-tab

For the roll speakers are matching: MM651's
here are the specs on them: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_107MM6501/Polk-Audio-MM6501.html?search=mm6501&skipvs=T#details-tab

I am going to be powering those speakers with: Alpine DPX-4.100m
Here are the specs on the amp: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_500X4100M/Alpine-PDX-4-100M.html?search=PDX_4.100m&skipvs=T#details-tab

I have 25 sq feet of FATMAT "Rattle Trap":
Specs on this stuff can be found here: http://www.fatmat.com/bulk/rattletrap/25.html

I also have 3 massive bags of Polyfil that I will be stuffing the pods and the rollbar with.

Subs 3x 12w6v.1's (old, but I had them refoamed and cleaned up real nice)
Here are the specs on the subs: http://mediacdn.shopatron.com/media/mfg/9013/media_document/live_1/8_12W6_BDS.pdf?1317790304

and they will be getting power from at Alpine V12 1507 Amp... This thing is old school too... Type AB - and will be pushing 900wrms at 4 ohms bridged... max 1500w at 4ohms the fuse in the amp is 80 amps... and its a monster sized amp (like 2 feet long) I have had it for a long time and its been super stable and drives like a demolition derby driver... fast and hard as hell...
Specs on the amp can be found here: http://www.carsound.com/reviews/amps/Alpine_MRV-1507.html

Here is a quick run down of the idea... Run power to the 4.100 under the steering column. I plan on mounting it nearly where the stock amp fits but I will have to build some sort of bracket to hold it in place. I will have it so that if I need to remove the plastic under the steering column and take the faceplate off the amp to make changes but when its buttoned up no one can see it at all... it also keeps it up off the floor that sometimes gets wet...
I have custom RCA's being soldered to length so there is no coils or anything, they are fully shielded and will be heat shrank and so on so they are very well protected... the run from the head unit to the 4 chan amp is going to be about 2-3 feet...

First question:
I do not know yet if I need to upgrade the wiring to all the speakers... I have some good speaker cable I could use but if the stock wiring is ok, then maybe its worth it to save a ton of time and effort going with the stock wiring rather then wiring it all up my self...

I plan on matting the roll bar and pods like crazy and stuffing as much poly as I can in there too... set the cross overs and run the amp off of battery direct with an inline fuse...

Second question: What size fuse should I run near the battery for this amp?
The amp itself takes 2 30A fuses but I should have a quickblow fuse near the battery to protect it even more right??

Next question:
The Alpine stuff is measured/rated out at 14.4 VOLTS... is the jeep going to be able to maintain 14.4 VOLTS to the amp in the dash...

On top of that, will the jeep be able to keep 14.4 to the fatty amp in the trunk too ?? Should I end up putting a power cap in for now before the Sub amp ?? or should I do a power cap in place before Both amps and run them both off of the stored power in the cap instead of the battery ??

Should I run a fuse before or after the Cap if I use a Cap ??

I was thinking about using a power distribution block so I can run one power though the fire wall... and then break out to power both amps... and ground each amp separate...

More questions... What AWG should I be running for these amps... I am thinking this is a lot of draw on the wires with all of this running at once... So I am going to need big AWG... (low number) but the specs for the amps in the manuals say 2 different things... the PDX says its ok with 4-6awg and the 1507 says use AWG thicker then 6, but then in another part of the user guide says 8awg or thicker...

I am thinking I should run 2awg from the battery into the tub, then a power distribution block breaking that 2awg into 2x4awg

As far as I understand to measure this out though I should be running even thicker based off of some of the websites that calculate total (RMS x 2) /13.5 or something like that...

I really want to keep it at 14.4 Volts to get the most out of the system...
At some point I am going to upgrade the alternator to a MEANGREEN HP-Alternator: specs are here: http://www.quadratec.com/products/55112_5011.htm

and I am hoping to put in one of the Sears DieHard Platinums before that because those things are pretty Heavy Duty as far as batteries go...

The subs are going in a custom build enclosure built to spec on the subs... 3 down firing and sealed... its all going to be covered with a security shroud that is bolted up to the seat frame/locked to the seatbelt bolts... also the shroud is going to make everything flush against the back seat and wheel wells and its all getting line-xed along with the tub...

kinda madness I know...

but I really hope someone can help me out with the AWG sizes, the places to put in line fuses... some help with the decision on a power cap or not... and some help with wiring setups and what have you....

All the gear is staying the exact same... I am not changing anything equipment wise... I just need help/advice with wiring and technical stuff...

Thank you in advance...


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First the AWG issue. For the amount of power and the amps you are running I would Say run 0 gauge through the firewall to a distro block and then from there run 4 gauge to the amps. (If you can I would get a fused distro block... Extra protection and makes it easy to disconnect an amp in case of a failure)

14.4 volts is kinda difficult to maintain in a 12 volt system but I can tell you that your stock electrical system is not going to be able to keep up
(I have blown 2 mosconi 300.2 due to low voltage problems)
Rather than running a cap I would recommend running a dual battery setup. You don't need the facy benchmark setup or anything the clicks over from one battery to the next. Just get a tray an extra battery and wire it up +to+ and -to- (parallel)
The extra battery basically acts as a really big cap. The MeanGreen will be an awesome upgrade for all of this down the road.

As far as running new speaker wires I mean why not go ahead and run new wires? That way you know you have good stuff in there and it really isn't all that hard to do. Especially if your 4 channel is in your dash already.

OK .02... love the eclipse radios those things are amazing.
Can't wait to see this all finished up. I'm running 3 JL 10w6 v3 and it is pretty damn loud. I think you will be happy.

Hope that helps a little.

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Just for others that find this, do some research on wire gauges. Everyone always over dose wiring (increasing the overall cost pointlessly) because they don't do research. Not to pick on H.I.I.K but 0g is way overkill to go the 3' for this amp 0g OVERKILL!

Not only that but do your research on the specs for your particular setup. Alpine suggests...

Amp Specs

that you use 6g wire for this amp but will accept 4g.

Once again im just trying to inform people to read all the specs for sound systems before they go and spend excess money on ridiculous gauge wire when it will not have any benefit. (not only that it sucks to run)

No affiliation. one of the first in Google (Search "wire gauge calculator")
Wire Gauge Calculator
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