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I've been a long time lurker first time post here. So thank you all for all the info you guys post on here it has been really helpful. This is a long story I'll try to go through it quick.

Unfortunately the start of this story is the ending of another, I was involved in an accident which totalled out my 08 Nissan Frontier Nizmo 4wd with a combination of 6 inches of lift sitting on 33inch Falken at3ws. I ended up on the positive side of things with a nice insurance check and started looking to replace it. My wife knew what I wanted before I did, a JKU. So she starts looking trying to find one in our area and cannot find one. Well we were told that our rental contract was coming to an end, and she tells me that she found a vehicle that she thinks I'd love but it was a few hours away. So we hoped in the rental and went. Well the look on my face when we show up to this dealership and I saw a 2012 black 4 door sport, bare bones all stock. She knew I'd customize it to my liking and knew I missed my tj with no power options. She told me to go test drive it and let her know what I thought. Well we took it home for a great price and dumped our rental.

Well then I started thinking what am I going to name this beauty. As we are driving home from the dealership a familiar song comes on the radio, as my wife and baby are jamming out to the radio it hits me. Her name will be Betty.

Shortly after bring Betty home, my father in law comes down to his condo and gets bit by the jeep bug and he starts looking for one.

Fast forward a few months my FIL has purchased his 17 JKU and brings it down here to his condo to be his beach cruiser. It's a tan hardtop, sitting on 3.5 inches of lift and 35 inch tires with black pro comp wheels.

Well he decided he didnt need the soft top that came with his and gifted it to me and to my surprise a new front bumper as well. 20200407_170512.jpg 20191106_164130.jpg my little helper.
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