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Masshole new to the Forums

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Hey everyone! My name is Matt. I've been lurking on this forum for a little while now and have learned alot. There is such a wealth of info in this forum, I can't begin to read all of it (but im sure trying).
I'm new to Jeeps as I just got rid of my 95' Land Rover Range Rover Classic. So I am looking to learn more about my amazing new ride and quickly turn it into a "rig". Interested in any runs in the area to start getting into "Jeepin" and having fun.
Also, I was curious if anyone else is in the Boston/Mass area. It seems alot of you are everywhere but Mass!
I look forward to participating in the forums in the near future and hope this post finds everyone well. Enjoy the summer!
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Plenty of us Massholes here. IPE is another one on the forum from Mass. Welcome aboard
Welcome from a yankee livin in texas. You already have a "rig"...probably more capable than you know...Just look thru the forum at pics of unmodified jks wheeling thru some pretty nasty terrain...:)
Hey Matt. Welcome aboard! :D

I'm local to Boston and do a fair amount of wheeling. Take a look at my Ma Bell thread. That was the last run that I did locally and that group of people is looking to do runs on a by-weekly basis if possible. The next event I'm going to is the EC4WDA Trailfest.That takes place in two weeks about an hour and a half away in CT. They'll have runs for all capabilities so you may want to take a look at that.

Hello and welcome from the left coast:D

Congratulations on the new rig.:beer:
Welcome to the site.

I'm from MA. too. Welcome..:stirthepot:
Welcome To the forum...:)
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