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Ok gang this is for all you videographers that may be looking for a better editor. I have the complete package for Apple's Final Cut Pro 5. I bought it new when I bought my Macbook Pro back in 2006. I had full intentions of learning to use it, but never did.

This is for a full authentic retail version of:

Final Cut Studio 1

This is the complete studio that contains ALL of the following:
*Final Cut Pro 5
*Soundtrack Pro
*Motion 2
*DVD Studio Pro 4
*7 instructional books

Originally sold for $1k new (current Version of Final Cut Studio sells for $999) Amazon and Ebay have this version listing for $300. You can further buy the Studio upgrade from Apple for $299 and end up with the most current up-to-date version for a total of $600+/-. That's almost a $300 savings to get the best video editing software on the market in my opinion. You can edit in SD or even HD.

So just to help beat out Amazon & Ebay, I'll sell it for $250 for non-red stars and $230 to fellow red star and yellow star members.

The following pic is borrowed from Ebay, but is the exact same packaging:

If you want more info, here is the Amazon link, however it is not my ad. I'm simply providing a link to more in depth info.


Also keep your eyes out in the FS section as I'm cleaning house and will be posting up a lot more ads for various stuff including other computer stuff, flat screen TV, some tools, etc. Trying to raise $$$ for the move out west.
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