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I posted elsewhere but figured this kind of trail would be appreciated by a pirate4x4 offshoot crowd more...

..since we are fortunate enough to have some good stuff here's another spot that's fun...

So we just did superstition mountains and went for knock on wood to get to the new section "lower 13“ which is a new section on it that is NASTY...absolute blast.
Trail leader headed it up 1 guy opted out at the mid line of the trail to wait for us to come up the canyon to him (smart guy, he only suffered scratches).
Mid way through lower 13 we had 4 rigs bail it was over their head and they had suffered some pretty bad body damage.
We continued up.

The run is 35s minimum with lockers front and rear you will use em, my 37s were almost out gunned....

Cj5= crushed drivers side roll bar, crushed whole fro t fender and rear fender smashed in
Rock buggy= armor slid on everything
Chris buggy= genright armor is all hashed
Duff tj= missing mirror, smashed in fender front passenger, ripped soft top on top edge leaned into canyon wall
Bill 4runner buggy= managed body damage on top of all the damage through armor and corner guards
Bronco (old school trailer queen)= missing rear fender and door damage
Cj= door smashed and fender crushed
Me= gashed rear upper quarter panel in ripped off brake light and license plate (re attached and did it again)

I'll start posting pics tomorrow, I'm in a tent and tired right now....
One of the best trails I've run, scored rock tattoos...

The guys that opted out mid way one was a grand Cherokee highly modified and he ripped his rear right fender trim dented drivers side door, gouged major creases all down drivers side and passenger side
The other guys suffered similar fate.....

Highly recommend it, do corner guards and take your hard top off I'd have broken my glass and top out had it been on...remove doors if possible and you will use your lockers and all the travel you have....

I will add that this trail in short wheelbase is nasty let alone a jku like mine...

Top 2 pics are me, I'll add more tomorrow/Monday with video...

Here's a couple of me coming through one area

Here's some of the cj5 had to be winched and helped out a lot got in over his head but manned up...cool guy

I'll have more with videos hopefully tomorrow

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Looks like a lot of fun. I haven't seen that many rigs come out of 1 trail at 1 time with that much body damage before ;)

I did not get pics of all the rides or damage this is just some quick shots I got I couldn't find the bronco or a few others.

In picture 2 the red sas toyota is brian trail leader and the toyota is ALL BODY DAMAGE most of it is from building trail 13.

Lol yeah it was nasty, off camber a lot of putting tires on walls to straddle notches and then doing corners and up rock walls. Mid/upper 13 has big rocks and is super steep so all of this trail is nasty....but a really good run.

What saved some of the others from body damage was tube fenders and steel corner guards...they crashed the crap out of them duff managed to bend up his metal fender.

I'll post pics and video as soon as chris puts up some or emails over some, we should have some of the crawlers and buggies hopefully.

Loading a few more.

This is upper 13 where the trail used to start then its a series of nasty rock gardens and small waterfalls to climb, this part alone is pretty hefty. The white jku in front of me pulled off at the top section then joined in for upper 13. He avoided the lower trail.

Picture #2 brian the trail leaders red 4runner sas in background


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Let me get this straight.... You are in the camp site after a day of HARD CORE wheeling and you're posting wheeling pics?


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Let me get this straight.... You are in the camp site after a day of HARD CORE wheeling and you're posting wheeling pics?

Lol nope the power of cell phones and tablets....makes life all to quick and easy.
Now chris and his videos are taking some time to surface, lol....those should be pretty decent.

Besides like everyone else I love wheeling pics and seeing other peoples trails so posting can't be done quick enough....we have to do our duty and fuel the passion....:koolaid:

BTW love your jeep....
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