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So I was at the Honda dealership the other day, helping my friend Sara buy her first new car ('13 Fit Sport with navi- sadly, she won't get the 5-speed :(), and I ran into my pastor and his wife, who mentioned they were selling their '94 Jeep. I had seen them in a YJ, so I asked if they meant the Wrangler, and they said yes. I asked for some details (they're very nice folks, and I happen to have a few bucks to spare, as I just sold two rifles). '94, 5-speed, 4.0L, 100-120K miles, hard and soft tops, just got new brake and fuel lines, clutch last year, and a bunch more. Just got inspected, and on the way back, the water pump started making noise- not weeping yet, but making noise. They have the new pump, but they're just not wanting to keep working on a car when they have two brand new ('12 CR-Z [6-speed! Go pastor! :)] and a just-bought '14 CR-V) cars that only need oil and fuel.
So, long and short, I'm dropping off the money this Sunday at church, and we'll work out the pickup from there (hopefully next week! Waiting on a check from the second rifle I sold).

So, being me, here's the list of questions:
1. What's the easiest, cheapest way to get rid of the D35 I'm assuming it has? As in, what other rear axle drops right in? Anything? My welding skills suck, so I'd want something bolt-in if possible. I'll work out the gearing when I get it. Just praying that somehow it has a D44 rear... :th_pray:
2. Is the Superlift 1.5" lift kit any good? I know it's cheap, but I'm not looking to go big with this rig YET. Not until I can afford to do it all- axles, tires, etc. I just want ~31" tires to play with.
3. Any good, cost-effective mods people can recommend? I haven't been in a YJ since my dad sold his back in '95!

Thanks all, and here's hoping the YJ is in good shape! I'm not too keen on the green, but I'll survive if it means I get to slang some mud again soon! :) Cheers- Mark W.
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