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On Saturday the wife and I went up to Austin to see Jim Gaffigan's new show. It was pretty darn funny by the way. Anyway, we stayed at the Omni and we had to park in their underground parking garage. These damn spots were so freakin' small. Some of these people squeezed full size trucks into the garage taking up 2-3 spots. I'm like most of you where I don't mind trail scars here and there but I don't want some bozo scraping down the side of my JK with his POS. However, luck was on my side b/c I found a two spot parking section that was open with a steel blue JK Sahara parked in one spot.

When I got out there in the morning, the Sahara owner had left me a coupon for free parking! So, here's to you Mr. Steel Blue Sahara owner :beer::beer::beer: Thanks for looking out for a fellow Jeeper.

Oh and the rest of you tree huggin' bastards in Austin better learn to wave. :shaking:

Do you guys ever pass on the "Jeep Love" to fellow Jeepers?
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