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I've been trying to find a place to get some center caps for my wheels, but I don't want the exact same style. In fact, I want simple black ones that don't extend beyond the surface of the center of the rim (if possible). These blingy, plastic chrome ones break off easily on trails. I've tried contacting American Wheel, but they do not respond to my e-mails.

I'm running 17" Eagle Alloy 185's. The back of the center cap measures 4" in diameter (which includes that extra lip to prevent the cap from going through the wheel) and a few centimeters less towards the front.

I called a couple local Discount Tire's and they didn't have any that fit. I called 4WP and whoever picked up the phone felt like being a contemptous prick and told me to buy new wheels.

I know it's not exactly easy to match center caps using products outside the wheel manufacturer, but has anyone else done this? Can someone point me to a place or a vendor that provides these? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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