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Looking for info on winch and bumpers

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Wanting to buy a winch and winch bumper. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Here is a great winch shoot-out by Moab Jeeper magazine. I'm sure glad I read it as it confirmed some things in my head. When and if I do buy one it will be the Superwinch. Hard to argue with it since it performed just like the Warn and was the only one to really keep up but for $500 less.

Warn XD9KI takes a licken' keeps on ticken'
Warn HS9500I got it hardly used and not working, polished the main bolts that hold the motor on added the washer like Warn reccomends (and some dielectrical grease) and no issue since. preety fast too.
Any one installed a Warn Winch/Mounting Plate on a JK using the factory bumper? I heard it was a ***** and cutting to the OEM bumper is required. :bawling: Not in to cutting the OEM stuff. (not just yet)
Thanks for the article it was very good.Now I have something to look at.
Well we have a nice stinger winch bumper that we produce. 1 3/4 DOM, all bolt on. We are running this bumper with the new powerplant 12000 lb winch, Great winch just huge.:grinpimp: Sorry for the big pictures

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Hey thanks for the info. Great looking JK
It's WARN for me! 9.5ti :bounce:
Warn dual power and Warn Bumper are really heavy. Winch works great and so does the compressor my only complaint is the bumper holds the winch high and blocks air to the radiator. The vehicle has run hot in extreme conditions. Baja in the summer!!!!!! This set up is tough as nails but I would get a set up that hold the winch lowwer if I had the money to spend again.
mile marker si 9.5, i have not trail tested it yet but got great reviews from what read
Thanks for the info all
Any one installed a Warn Winch/Mounting Plate on a JK using the factory bumper? I heard it was a ***** and cutting to the OEM bumper is required. :bawling: Not in to cutting the OEM stuff. (not just yet)
not even close to true. Easy install and only cutting required is IF you dont have factory tow hooks. And if you dont all you cut is the little holes for the hooks to go through

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I like to use my winch on the front and rear and when I am not wheeling I can leave it at home. This was a LOD I modified for my needs!

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Thanks your customized bumper looks very good,I hope to have pictures of my jeep on here soon.
how difficult was it to mount the winch to the stock bumper? Does it come with diagrams and stuff for it?
I was in the same boat as you. Take a look at my thread called "Bumper Delima" in modification section.

Here are the ones that I have been looking at. Thinking Shrockworks - Stubby.


Shrockworks (Mid-Width)

Mountain Offroad Enterprises (unpainted though - add $$$)

I went for the Warn 9.5ti. wasn't cheap - but hoping I won't have to buy another winch for a long while.
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I'm running the Shrockworks stubby and the Warn Powerplant, no complaints, very happy with the combo:D
Mopar winch bumper - added lights to the hoop
Gorilla 12K# winch
cheap and effective :mr-t:
I went with the LOD bumper, and the T-Max competition winch.
I got the winch from Tellico 4X4.
Wireless, with 80' of synthetic line and hook, shipped for $759.95. Don't know how they are doing it, since everyone else I have seen wants $999.


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