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this makes me wonder how many states do the exhaust sniff test, MA has not done it for years,,, i ran my sliverado for 9 years with out cats and never once did the inspection sta even check to see if i had them,, same with the wifes car and my jeep inspection stations never check for cats.
My Dakota R/T has been run for 8 years without cats. Only sim boxes to keep the lights on the dash from lighting up, passes the OBD2 test everytime.

My PT Cruiser GT was ran with a catless downpipe and no sim box. I used a couple of sparkplug non-foulers to fool the downstream O2 sensor into thinking there was a change and it worked, and the car ran great and passed emissions test just fine.

Neither one got the sniffer.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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