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Looking for Headers

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I haven 07' JKU with 97k miles. Manifolds have had it, cant patch em up any more. Any recommendations? I will be installing a RIPP supercharger hopefully this summer.
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Yall helped my decision...

I knew I wouldn't be able to tell a difference in anything but the sound with headers, which was good enough... until I started seeing the primary diameters on these things! Damn. Yeah, that's several hundred that goes into the supercharger kitty!
^^^ Ditto on OBX= though w/o boost no JK 3.8L will see ANY of those gains Matt.

Mine were on a Subi flat 4 running 27PSI and a DSM V6 at 17PSI. Neither were done as singular mods, but both held their mud against a lot of boost and heat.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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